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Featured Client Testimonials


"As a new RES, I had zero leads. Despite a limited budget, Blackhole helped me target low-cost keywords and I manage to close a city fringe project in my first month!"

- Shirley Lam

Tagger to Closer

"I invested my tagger fees into marketing projects I am already trained to close. Soon enough, I started closing direct buyers!"

- Winnie Lim

Experienced RES

"Due to my busy schedule, I prefer to work with high quality leads. Blackhole's unique marketing method that pre-qualifies buyers and prioritises showflat appointments is exactly what I want."

- Clarence Liau

What Our Customers Achieve

Agent closed 4 units in Midwood. Total ad spend less than $1K. Stunning ROI.
East coast agent focused her budget and closed 2 units in Nyon, 1 unit in Amber Park over 3 months.
Agent achieved multiple closing on Irwell Hill Residences booking day, became buyer's exclusive agent for existing properties!
West side agent closed units in Forett, Ki Residences, Dairy Farm Residences & One North Residences.
Agent went from $5,000 a month to grossing 6-figure a month, twice!
D19 agents came to us with limited budget, went on to close 2 units in Florence Residences & 1 unit in Garden Residences.
3 units in Pullman Residences closed by the same agent in less than a year!
Agent went on EC closing spree, Parc Canberra, Ola, Piermont Grand & Parc Greenwich!
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