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3 Reasons Why Your Cost Per Lead is High

Reason 1: You only have 1 set of keywords

By “one set of keywords”, we mean a single set of related keywords. Here is an example. 

“Penrose floor plans”
“Penrose price”
“Penrose brochure” 

Think of each set of keywords as a fixed-sized funnel to catch rainwater. If you only have one funnel, the rainwater you can collect is always limited by the width of its open top. And if the space is competitive, people can pay to have their funnels above yours. If you rely on only one funnel, be prepared to pay through your nose in a bidding war to have your funnel above others. 

Google Ads has a built-in optimisation where it tries to deliver you the lowest cost per lead. However, when you only have one funnel, the optimisation is crippled, because you are only giving Google Ads a single choice. To truly take advantage of this optimisation, you should give Google Ads as many funnels as possible and let Google Ads pick & choose the funnel that can deliver you the lowest cost per lead at any point in time. Over time, you will have a good idea which funnels work better, and you can focus on those. You can’t really do this if you just have one funnel.

We offer a platform that provides you with all the funnels you will ever need for all the new launches in the market, at the time of writing, the number of funnels on the platform is 154. That means you have 154 funnels all set up (keywords, ad copies & websites) and ready to go. You can optionally turn off funnels that you are not interested.

For a fee that others charge for one funnel, we offer you a total of 154 funnels! This is what Blackhole’s platform is. We designed it specially to maximise every marketing dollar.

Reason 2: You Have a Landing Page, not an ecosystem

Imagine your ads got a Penrose 3-Bedroom lead to visit your “landing page”. After looking at the 3-Bedroom floor plan, he finds it unsuitable for his family. What will he do next?

The real question is, what CAN he do next if you just have a landing page. There is a 100% chance that he will leave and never to return.

Compare this with an ecosystem that contains all the new launches. The ecosystem intelligently proposes alternatives if it detects that the lead is not interested in the one it is on. This ensures that the lead stays in a closed loop. If the ecosystem has information on all the new launches, the lead technically does not need to go anywhere else. In fact, if the ecosystem also has “ahead of time” information, like upcoming launches, the lead may even bookmark your website.

This actually helps you lower your cost per lead. It is not uncommon to see a lead coming in through a low-cost keyword, but ends up browsing the ecosystem and converts on a project with high-cost keywords! The main point here being avoid doing a “landing page”. It is a double whammy – high cost & low retention.

Our platform includes all the new launches in the market by default, and together they form a closed loop, the idea is so that you retain as much as possible every click that you pay for. We also centrally optimise Google Ads so that every account benefits from our accumulated experience in managing over $1 million dollar of ad spend. Finally, our platform is developed in-house, we constantly experiment & adapt to improve retention & conversion.  

Reason 3: Lack of advanced analytics

Please do not rely on just “Google Analytics”. The information is too general and is unlikely to be helpful if you are advertising new launches.

Compare these 2 leads: 

Lead A: Made a few clicks around the website (for example clicking on a few 3BR floor plans, clicking on unit #34-05 to check out the price, and then on #35-05, #36-05 etc) before submitting his details 

Lead B: Made just 1 click, which is to submit his details, within few seconds of landing on the website, and left immediately 

What can you say about Lead A vs Lead B? 

Lead A is clearly interested in a 3BR. And also since Lead A has seen the price, the lead is more qualified. If the unit is out of the lead’s budget, the lead probably would not have submitted his details. In fact, in this case, you can also tell that the lead is quite interested in stack 05! 

Lead B seems to have submitted his details without consuming much of the information of the website, which means this lead requires more qualification & nurturing.

Guess what! None of the above is possible with just “Google Analytics”! The key is to implement tracking within the website itself, not just broad metrics like “Page Views”, “Unique Visitors”, “Total Sessions” etc.

Our platform is fully equipped with advanced analytics. And the great news is, you are notified real-time as the lead is browsing your website. If the lead decides the submit his details, you have full audit of the lead’s browsing history to “study” before you contact the lead so you have the best chance of connecting with the lead!

Featured Client Testimonials


"As a new RES, I had zero leads. Despite a limited budget, Blackhole helped me target low-cost keywords and I manage to close a city fringe project in my first month!"

- Shirley Lam

Tagger to Closer

"I invested my tagger fees into marketing projects I am already trained to close. Soon enough, I started closing direct buyers!"

- Winnie Lim

Experienced RES

"Due to my busy schedule, I prefer to work with high quality leads. Blackhole's unique marketing method that pre-qualifies buyers and prioritises showflat appointments is exactly what I want."

- Clarence Liau

What Our Customers Achieve

Agent closed 4 units in Midwood. Total ad spend less than $1K. Stunning ROI.
East coast agent focused her budget and closed 2 units in Nyon, 1 unit in Amber Park over 3 months.
Agent achieved multiple closing on Irwell Hill Residences booking day, became buyer's exclusive agent for existing properties!
West side agent closed units in Forett, Ki Residences, Dairy Farm Residences & One North Residences.
Agent went from $5,000 a month to grossing 6-figure a month, twice!
D19 agents came to us with limited budget, went on to close 2 units in Florence Residences & 1 unit in Garden Residences.
3 units in Pullman Residences closed by the same agent in less than a year!
Agent went on EC closing spree, Parc Canberra, Ola, Piermont Grand & Parc Greenwich!

Our Solution

Cast a Wider Net: Market 200 Projects At A Time.
Gone are the days where you need to pay for a new website for every project campaign & go through the process of ad optimisation all over again. Harness all your marketing efforts on one platform.
Zero Waste: Retarget & Retain Leads.
Creating multi-layered hooks to continuously encourage users to convert is now made possible thanks to a fully integrated project directory with district-based suggestions.
Analytics & Automation: Track Genuine Leads In Real-Time.
Know the profile of each individual lead before you follow up with them to help you increase your likeliness to close. Gain preference insights on project, location, budget & more.

Feature Highlights

1. Full project directory featuring 200 projects

Up-to-date information. Intuitive search directory. Ever growing database. We move and adapt with the industry.

Our database includes:
- Residential projects
- Commercial & industrial projects
- Consolidated developer promotions
- All upcoming new launches
- Just TOP & TOP soon projects

2. Maximise your budget for lower cost keywords

Yes, it's possible to market for more projects yet lower your cost per click. No need to go over ad copies and strategies. Leave it to our proven methodology, and just wait for the lead notification to light up.

3. User behaviourial analytics at your fingertips to help you close

Everything you need to know about each individual lead is just a click away so you can follow up instantly, even on-the-go.

Before contacting this lead, our client knows the lead is interested in the 3BR at Parc Greenwich, has seen the virtual tour, and showed interest in a few low floor units.

4. Monitor your leads in real-time

Never miss any activity on your website, whether it is from a new lead or an existing one acquired outside the system. In the digital marketing world, information is everything.

Real-time tracking informing our client that a lead is searching for properties with TOP in 2023, 3 bedrooms, and is now on Sky Everton.

5. Automated CEA screening

Every lead is automatically screened with CEA registry. No more manual screening or finding this out only when you speak to the lead.

Our client knows this lead is an agent from agency Example Realty Pte. Ltd. If the lead is not from any JMA, it is an opportunity to cobroke.

6. Integrated lead management system with fully searchable dashboard

Our solution does not just stop at lead generation. We believe a good management system is just as important. Available at no extra cost.

Manage the lead professionally with our integrated system. Journal every activity with the lead so that you or your collaborator can always pick up where you left off.

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